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2nd Golden Book Award in Hong Kong


2nd Golden Book Award 2015 in Hong Kong

2015 - 10 - 21

Enrich Publishing Limited, member of the Enrich Culture Group, has recently been awarded eight prizes in four out of six categories of the Second Hong Kong Golden Book Awards co-organized by the Hong Kong Tradebook Publishing Association and Plaza Hollywood (Hong Kong). This year, the awards received 271 nominations from 39 local publishers in Hong Kong. Final nominations were selected by an adjudicating committee comprising specialists and members of the Hong Kong Tradebook Publishing Association, whose grading carried a weight of 50%. The rest of the 50% was contributed by a readers' poll which included participation from local high school students. Enrich won two prizes in each of the following categories: "Non-literary: Political, Economic, and Social"; "Non-literary: Medical and Health"; "Non-Literary: Dinning and Travel" ; and "Illustrated Book."