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Political Reform and Political Crisis (Volume 3)
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    December 2017
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    7 X 10 Hard copy
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Political Reform and Political Crisis (Volume 3)

By Hu Angang

Surveys the most tumultuous periods in China

A detailed chronicle of an era of chaos and political turbulence, The Political and Economic History of China is a must-read series for anyone interested in the history of modern China. Continuing on from his first series, which covered the years 1949–1976, Hu Angang returns with a new installment detailing the political and economic development in the People’s Republic of China from 1977 to 1992.
This period saw the political transition from the end of the Cultural Revolution to the Reform and Opening-up era under Deng Xiaoping. Hu explains the numerous policy changes that transformed China during this period from an isolated and underdeveloped country to a global political and economic power, as well as the Politburo’s management of domestic political challenges as it set the precedence for future leadership transitions.
The Political and Economic History of China is written by Hu Angang of Tsinghua University. He is the director of the National Research Group of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China's most prominent political think-tank.

Volume 3:       Political Reform and Political Crisis
Chapter 8       Theory and Practice of Political Reform (1982–1987)
Chapter 9       Political Disturbance of 1989
Chapter 10     Evaluation and Summary (1977–1991)