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Enrich Series on Chinese Currency Reform (3-Volume Set)
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    November 2011
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    7x10 Hardcopy
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Enrich Series on Chinese Currency Reform (3-Volume Set)

By Zhang Jie, Li Xiao, Ding Yibing and Kamikawa Takao

This series explores the relationship between Chinese banking system reform, regionalization and internationalization of the Renminbi, as well as the possible cooperation between the Renminbi, the Yen, and other Asian currencies. Additionally, the series provides the first comprehensive study of Renminbi internationalization by experts in China and analyzes the currency reform that China will undertake in the current global economy.

Table of Contents

Volume 1 Internationalization of the Renminbi: History, Theories and Policies
Chapter 1 Trading Structure, Frequency and Monetary Standard
Chapter 2 The Dilemma of China’s Currency Standard                                                           
Chapter 3 The Micro-Financial Foundation of China’s High Monetization
Chapter 4 Special Banking System Structure and Renminbi “Exogeneity”
Chapter 5 The Dilemma between Trade Expansion and the Renminbi Exchange Rate Regime
Chapter 6 Commercialization of the Banking System and the Logic of Renminbi Internationalization
Volume 2 Regionalization of the Renminbi
Chapter 1 Currency Internationalization and Regionalization
Chapter 2 The Regionalization of the RMB
Chapter 3 Feasibility Analysis of RMB Regionalization
Chapter 4 Development Direction for RMB Regionalization
Volume 3 Cooperation between the Renminbi and the Yen
PART I The International Monetary System and the East Asia
Chapter 1 An Overview of the Global Financial Crisis and the Future of Asia
Chapter 2 The Financial Crisis and Asia: Impact, Connection and Challenge
PART II The Internationalization of the Japanese Yen
Chapter 3 The Internationalization of the Japanese Yen—Its Asian Strategy
Chapter 4 The Development and Strategic Adjustment of the Internationalization of the Japanese Yen
Part III The Emerging of the RMB
Chapter 5 The RMB Asianization and Internationalization Strategies
Chapter 6 The RMB and the East Asian Currency System
PART IV The Present and Future of Asian Monetary Cooperation—The Cooperation between China and Japan
Chapter 7 Asian Monetary Cooperation and Sino–Japan Coordination
Chapter 8 The Asian and the International Monetary and Financial System

About the Authors

Li Xiao is Professor and Deputy Dean of the School of Economics, and Researcher of the Research Center on China Public Sector Economy at Jilin University. He is also the Vice Chairman of the China Society of World Economics, and Chairman of Sino-US Economy Society. His main research focus is the international and East Asian economic development.
Kamikawa Takao is Professor in International Economics of the Faculty of Economics at the Yokohama National University. His research covers international finance, monetary history, and comparative monetary policies.
Zhang Jie is a Professor and Deputy Head of the School of Finance, and the Head of the International Currency Research Institute at Renmin University of China. His research areas include financial systems and China’s financial system and development.
Ding Yibing is Professor of the School of Economics, and Researcher of the China Public Sector Economy Research Center at the Jilin University. He is also a Committee Member of the China Society of World Economics. He is the author of Choices of Exchange Rate Regime in the Economic Development, the Asianization of the Renminbi, etc.