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Innovative Capability of Chinese Enterprises
  • Pub Date:

    May 2012
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    7x10 Hardcopy
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Innovative Capability of Chinese Enterprises

By Yi Zhihong

Independent innovation was proposed by the Chinese government in 2006 as a key to raising China’s competitiveness. This book looks at the panorama of the innovative capability of Chinese enterprises from the international environment, financial environment, and industrial policies to specific topics such as technological innovation, institutional innovation, and the rise of proprietary brands. Using an analysis of up-to-date statistics, Innovative Capability of Chinese Enterprises examines the culture of innovation in the unique economic landscape of contemporary China.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2 The International Environment and Industrial Policies for Independent Innovation
Chapter 3 The Financing Environment for Independent Innovation
Chapter 4 Technological Innovation Through Resource Integration
Chapter 5 The Operation of the Innovation-Oriented Service Supply Chain
Chapter 6 Performance of Enterprise Informatization under Institutional Innovation
Chapter 7 The Marketing Channel Innovation of Chinese Enterprises
Chapter 8 Proprietary Brand Innovation and the Performance of Chinese Enterprises
Chapter 9 Developing Evaluation Indicators for the Continuous Technological Innovative Capability
Chapter 10 The Structure of Governance for Chinese Enterprises
Chapter 11 The Organizational Model of Independent Innovation

About the Authors

Yi Zhihong is a Professor of Corporate Finance, Renmin University of China, and the President of the Business School at the Renmin University of China, she was the visiting scholar of Harvard Business School (HBS) and the University of Michigan. Yi has designed and taught a MBA course on capital market, and her research interests include pension system reform, capital markets, corporate investment, and financing strategies.