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Rural Development in China (3-Volume Set)
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    October 2015
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    7x10 Hardcopy
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Rural Development in China (3-Volume Set)

The Rise of Innovative Institutions and Markets

By Lu Yilong

Fresh perspectives on China’s rural development and the rise of innovative institutions

Rural Development in China: The Rise of Innovative Institutions and Markets explores China’s rural development path from two angles: institutional innovations and the market. Looking at China’s pace of socio-economic development as a key factor in modernization, author Lu Yilong discusses institutional drawbacks and demands to determine the specific issues of China’s rural market. Using China‘s unique “Three rurals” concept (agriculture, rural areas and farmers) as its foundation, Rural Development in China: The Rise of Innovative Institutions and Markets offers suggestions on how to stimulate rural socio-economic growth and lead China down a path to future economic success.

Table of Content
Volume 1
Chapter 1 Institutional Innovations and Rural Market Development 
Chapter 2 Institutional Supply, Demands on Institutions, and China’s Rural Development
Chapter 3 Reform of the Urban-Rural Dual Structure and China’s Rural Development
Chapter 4 Farmland Expropriation and the Reform of the Rural Land System
Volume 2
Chapter 5 Guided Institutional Change and Rural Market Development
Chapter 6 Institutional Innovation and New Factor Markets in Rural China
Chapter 7 Braving the Market: Occupational Transitions of Agricultural Labor
Chapter 8 Farmers’ Market Consciousness and Its Impacts 
Chapter 9 Farmland Usage and Its Impacts 
Chapter 10 Evolution of Rural Marketing 
Chapter 11 Entrepreneurial Talent for the “Three Rurals” and New Rural Development
Volume 3
Chapter 12 Rural Development in China: 1949–2009 
Chapter 13 Market Transition and Changes in Rural Class Structure 
Chapter 14 Post-Earthbound China and Its Development Dilemmas 
Chapter 15 Innovations in Market Institutions and Recent Rural Developments in China
About the Authors
Lu Yilong is the Deputy Director of the Research Center of Sociological Theory and Method, Renmin University of China. He is an associate professor in the post-doctoral research station of sociology in Renmin University of China.