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Major Issues and Policies in China's Financial Reform (Volume 2)
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    May 2016
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    7x10 Hardcopy
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Major Issues and Policies in China's Financial Reform (Volume 2)

By Chen Yulu and Guo Qingwang

Reveals the 28 unique milestones in China

“Pants with close crotch,” “polyandry,” and “a tiger in a cage” — these enigmatic terms are frequently used by Chinese economists and policy-makers to figuratively describe certain significant financial events in the history of New China. Major Issues and Policies in China's Financial Reform is a 4-volume guide to these kinds of events.
With the economic transformation of late 1980s as a turning point, this series provides an in-depth examination of 28 key financial policies and issues in China over a 60-year timespan. The series combines vivid stories and theoretical analysis to explain the historical background of these financial reforms, including such concepts as replacing the fiscal appropriation of investment funds by bank loans, the replacement of profit delivery by taxes, and debt for equity swaps. 
The series also offers evaluations of the subsequent impacts of these policies on China’s economic development. Major Issues and Policies in China's Financial Reform uses a review of history to provide a basis for policy recommendations, innovations, and future fiscal and financial reforms In China.

About the Editor

Professor Chen Yulu is the President of Renmin University of China, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People's Republic of China, Vice President of the China International Finance Society, Deputy Secretary-General and Standing Director of the China Society for Financing and Banking. His major publications include Modern Finance (2000)Mixed Operation of the Financial Industry in China (2009)Research on International Balance of Payments (1998), and other works.

Guo Qingwang is the Dean of the School of Finance, Renmin University of China, and the Vice-President of the Chinese Tax Institute. Guo's work covers public finance and taxation, macroeconomic theory and policies. He is the author of The Effectiveness and Fade-Out Strategy of Active Fiscal Policy (2007)Corporation Tax: International Comparison (1996)Active Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy (2004)
and other works.