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The History and Spirit of Chinese Art (Volume 1)
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    December 2015
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    7x10 Hardcopy
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The History and Spirit of Chinese Art (Volume 1)

From Pre-History to the Tang Dynasty

By Zhang Fa

Unveils the evolution of art in ancient China

Art is always a product of cultural evolution, and The History and Spirit of Chinese Art looks at this universal process as it unfolded in ancient China. With “mountain-water” landscape paintings, works of classical Chinese calligraphy, and blue and white porcelain widely displayed in museums and fetching high prices in auction houses worldwide, Chinese art is no longer foreign to the Western world. However, to many, the making of such cultural artefacts remains an enigmatic process. Indeed, Chinese art, the product of such an old civilization, was shaped by an ongoing process of evolution along the ebbs and flows of China’s history as a nation.

In The History and Spirit of Chinese Art, aesthetics expert Zhang Fa deciphers the philosophies and thoughts that have defined Chinese art since the very beginning of the Chinese civilization, moving through the dynastic landmarks of artistic development with discussions of numerous art forms including paintings, architecture, dance and music, calligraphy, and literature.

Content Highlights

- Origins of Chinese Artistic Motifs in Pre-Qin Primitive Society
- Architecture, Sculpture, Epideictic Rhapsody, and Portraits in the Qin and Han Dynasties, under a New Concept of the Universe
- Artistic Grandeur in the Tang Dynasty, the Cultural Pinnacle of Ancient China
- Cultural and Artistic Transitions in the Song Dynasty
- Embracement of the Popular, Realistic, and Pragmatic in Yuan, Ming, and Qing Art

About the Author

hang Fa is Professor of the School of Art and President of the Institute of Aesthetic Research, Renmin University of China, and he has been a Visiting Fellow of Harvard University (1996–1997) as well as the University of Toronto (2002–2003). Currently, he also sits on the Board of the Chinese Association for Aesthetics and Chinese Comparative Literature Association. He has published influential research papers and books on aesthetics and Chinese art, including The Elements of Aesthetics (1999), A History of Chinese Aesthetics (2000), and Art, Literature, and the Modernity of China (2002).