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Economic Reforms and Development in China (3-Volume Set)
  • Pub Date:

    December 2011
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    7x10 Hardcopy
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Selected Works of Cheng Siwei

Economic Reforms and Development in China (3-Volume Set)

By Cheng Siwei

This book, in three volumes, presents the thoughts and reflections of the highly regarded Chinese scholar and statesman, Cheng Siwei. The author outlines his theories for bringing economic reform to China in the context of a global economy. Using the principles of complexity science and finance, the author also elaborates on the characteristics and laws of fictitious economy in China and from this perspective, studies such issues as venture capital, financial crises, capital and monetary markets, inflation and deflation, housing system reform, the social security system and enterprise management in contemporary China.

The book has been highly regarded by top-ranked Chinese politicians and distinguished scholars and is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the economic complexities of the development of China.

Content Highlights

  • Venture Capital Business and Fictitious Economy in China
  • An Analysis of China’s Rural Consumer Markets, Housing Reform, and Social Security System
  • A Theoretical Analysis of Deflation, Stock Markets, Commercial Banks in China
  • The Transformation of Bonded Zones into Free Trade Zones
  • China’s Venture Capital Investment
  • Reform of the RMB Exchange Rate Regime
  • Exploring Effective Ways of Developing Rural Finance in China
  • Strategic Directions and Policy Implementation for Reforming China’s Institutional Units
  • An Analysis of the Complexities of Enterprise Management and its Implications for China

About the Author

Cheng Siwei is the Chairman of International Finance Forum, and a former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China. He is the Dean of the Institute of Management of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was an academic advisor to the World Bank Institute. His research covers complexity science, fictitious economy, and venture capital. He has been dubbed the ‘Father of Venture Capital in China’ for his groundbreaking work in this area.