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The Strategy of Chinese Rural-Urban Coordinated Development to 2020 Part 2
  • Pub Date:

    February 2013
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    7x10, Hardcopy
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Enrich Series on China

The Strategy of Chinese Rural-Urban Coordinated Development to 2020 Part 2

By Sun Jiuwen

The Strategy of Chinese Rural-Urban Coordinated Development to 2020 focuses on the coordinated development and integration of rural and urban areas in China as it transits from a traditional agrarian economy to a modern industrialized state. Using theoretical and empirical studies, it suggests a theoretical framework and conducts quantitative analyses to examine the problems of the rural economy, population migration, land circulation and social security, and account for the reasons for these problems from historical, realistic, theoretical and practical perspectives. It also proposes strategic objectives and evaluates the measures for rural-urban coordinated development up to 2020.

Content Highlights

1. The Problem of Population Migrations
2. Rural Industrialization and Industrial Development
3. Social Security and the Household Registration System
4. Equalization of Rural-Urban Basic Public Services
5. Coordinated Development of Rural-Urban Spatial Structure
6. Coordination of Rural-Urban Financial Systems and Rural Organizations

About the Author

Sun Jiuwen is the Dean and Professor of the Institute of Regional and Urban Economic Research in Renmin University of China. He is the member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the State Council, consultant to the Expert Panel of the Beijing Municipal Government, member of Expert Committee of the National Development Bank, and Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the National Economic Geography Society. He is the author of the title Theories of China's Western Development (2000).