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Growth of the Service Sector in the Yangtze River Delta (Volume 2)
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    April 2011
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    7x10, Hardcopy
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Enrich Series on China

Growth of the Service Sector in the Yangtze River Delta (Volume 2)

By Liu Zhibiao & Zheng

The shift in economic development to the fast-rising industrial value chain is regarded as the key to the future of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD). This book provides a long-term study of the economic growth of the YRD. It compares the region’s previous importance with its present economic growth, structural change and institutional reform. The book also provides detailed institutional and empirical studies on the fast rising value chain, the mode of development, mechanisms, behavior and performance of the modern service sector in the YRD.

Content Highlights

1. Detailed overview of the characteristics of the service sector in China
2. Comprehensive examination into the development of the fast-rising value chain in the Yangtze River Delta
3. In-depth analysis on the structural change of regional industry in China
4. Unique insight into China's industry transformation

About the Author

Liu Zhibiao is a Professor and Dean of the School of Economics, Nanjing University, Standing Director of the Research Center for the Yangtze River Delta Economic and Social Development, and Member of the Evaluation Group for Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education. Liu was among the first Chair Professors in humanities and social sciences (economics) of "Chang Jiang Scholarship Program" selected by the Ministry of Education of China.

Zheng Jianghuai is the Head of the Department of Industrial Economics at the University of Nanjing. He also serves as a Researcher of the Economic and Social Development Research Center of the Yangtze River Delta and Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurs at the University of Nanjing.