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The Capital Market in China (3-Volume Set)
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    July 2014
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    7x10 Hardcopy
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The Capital Market in China (3-Volume Set)

A 60-Year Review

By Cao Erjie

How will China’s latest series of reforms affect the country’s growing Capital Market?

The Capital Market in China: A 60-Year Review, in 3 volumes, serves as the definitive resource on understanding and navigating China’s capital market. Both a history and a guide, the 3 volumes of this set explain the methods of state investment and intervention in China, the development of asset-backed securities, and the substantial differences and striking similarities between the capital markets in China and the West.

The Capital Market in China: A 60-Year Review offers a frank assessment of the state of the industry and:

1. Explains the methods of asset depreciation and fixed-asset upgrading in China
2. Examines corporate mergers and acquisitions in China
3. Reveals the progression of China’s venture capital funds
4. Illustrates equity and bond financing in China
5. Details shareholding reform and enterprise asset restructuring in China
6. Provides real examples of how the capital market works in China                                                          


Chapter 1 How Capital Is Formed: The Mechanism of Capital Formation and the History of Capital Expansion and Innovation
Chapter 2 Capital Is Not Only a Product of a Capitalist Society
Chapter 3 Joint-Stock System: From Socialized Mass Production to Capital Socialization
Chapter 4 State Investment, State Intervention, Nationalization, and Privatization: Innovation of the Capital Formation Mechanism by China’s State-Owned Economy
Chapter 5 A Depreciation Fund as a Ready Accumulation Fund for Expanded Reproduction
Chapter 6 Financial Leasing
Chapter 7 Reorganization and Debt-For-Equity Swaps of Distressed Enterprises
Chapter 8 The Non-Public Sector: Indefinite Vitality
Chapter 9 The Use of Foreign Capital and Dual Transformation
Chapter 10 Knowledge Economy and Human Capital from the Perspective of Venture Capital
Chapter 11 Capitalization and Corporate Equity and Debt Financing
Chapter 12 Creative Destruction: Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 13 Mutual Funds: An Alternative to Bank Loans
Chapter 14 Asset Securitization: A Treasury of Investment Banks
Chapter 15 Futures Markets
Chapter 16 The Investment Banking Mentality and Capital Operation at Investment Banks
Chapter 17 Time-Space Compression Leads to the Urban Era: Capital Accumulation and the Urban Economy
Chapter 18 Financial Globalization: Opportunities and Challenges for the Renminbi as a Global Currency
Chapter 19 Socialist Workers and Capital


Cao Erjie has been the Head of the Investment Investigation Department of China Construction Bank, General Manager of China National Investment & Consulting Co. He is also a Professor of the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University. His other major publications include Research and Future Development of China's Securities Market (1994), Management of China's Fixed Asset Investment, A 40-Year Review of China Construction Bank.