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Books about Chinese culture and studies, literature, journalism, history, philosophy and art.

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Resources for Authors

Guidelines for Submitting a Publishing Proposal

All proposals should be accompanied by:

*  Brief biographies for all listed authors

*  A list of previous publications (if any)

*  A detailed outline that includes chapter sub-headings, appendices and at least one sample chapter

*  Expected page length for your book

In your proposal, please:

*   Describe the primary intended audience, and if pertinent, any secondary audiences.

*   List reviewers or any opinion leaders you feel are especially qualified to review the work.

*   Discuss motivations, content, approach, and organization of the book.
     Please include a detailed discussion of any unique features the work employs.

*   Compare your work to related or competing works in the market. How is yours different?
     Why is there a market for it?

*   Discuss production needs or questions. Do you plan to reference or include software, graphics, and illustrations?
     How many photos do you anticipate including?

*   Expected completion date of first draft.

Questions can be sent to:

Maureen Shelburn

Enrich Professional Publishing Ltd.



c:   (703) 517-2156